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The second World Brand Piazza special exhibitions were attended by 12 of the most respected watchmakers in the world. Visitors to Hong Kong's World Brand Piazza 2nd World Brand Piazza 2 exhibitions saw two watches from the Portuguese collection at tag heuer replica. The exhibition featured two new products, both of which were introduced last year. The Portuguese Grande Complication, a mechanical watch with a variety of functions, is the Portuguese Turbillon Retrograde, a stylish watch that features both a retrograde date display and a flying tourbillion.

The Portuguese Grande Complication, a truly remarkable horological gem, features nearly all the most complicated complications (except for a tourbillion). This watch comes with a perpetual calendar, which is pre-programmed up to the year 2499. It does need to be adjusted three more times in 2100-2200 and 2300 respectively, but that is not too important.

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A perpetual moon phase display is included with the perpetual calendar. This adds character to the timepiece and is a great decoration for the dial. A minute repeater, which can be activated using a slide located on the left side the case, is another great feature. The correct time is displayed with very pure tones once it has been activated. There are three types of gongs that tell the time, each one hand-made and tuned with great care to ensure crystal clear tones.

Impressive List Of Complications The watch is also water-resistant to 30 meters, and protected by an antireflective sapphire crystal. The case back features a special engraving that displays a sextant, which was in ancient times an essential navigational tool. Although the engraving is intricate, many are disappointed that the brand didn't include a transparent back to allow its owner to see the complex self-winding Calibre79091 movement that allows all these amazing functions. It has 75 jewels and runs at 4Hz. The battery has a 44 hour power reserve.

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The Portuguese Grande Complication's round case measures 45 mm in diameter by 16.5 mm thick. The watch comes in two versions: the IWC377401, which has a platinum case and the IWC377402, which has an 18-karat gold case. Each version features a map showing the world, which is engraved on a dial with silver plating. Due to the complexity of manufacturing, only 50 copies are produced each year. The platinum model comes with a black alligator strap.

Seven Days of Power ReserveThe second timepiece that was presented in Hong Kong is also one that meets the highest standards. As mentioned previously in this review, the Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde's main strengths are its flying tourbillion and retrograde date display. It returns to its starting position at the beginning of each month. The brand is especially proud of its flying minute tourbillion, which consists of 82 parts. The cage that holds the balance spins magically in mid-air when it is placed against a dark background.

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Retrograde dates are not only beautiful, but they're also practical and useful. The brand could hide the joy and pride of the timepiece by using a standard date disc.calibre de cartier replica On the right side of this dial is an indicator of the remaining power reserve. This watch has an automatic Calibre 51900 movement with a 7-day power reserve. It has 44 jewels, and runs at 19,800 vph.

The sapphire case back exposes the movement, while the same material protects its face. The Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde can also be water-resistant up to 30 meters. This watch is available in two versions, one with a different case material and the other with the same dimensions as the original. The round case measures 44.2 mm wide by 15.5 mm thick. Red gold version IW504402, with a silver-plated dial, and a black alligator band, is limited to 500 units per year. The IW504401 is a more limited edition version, with a matching black strap and a dial in ruthenium. It's only 250 pieces per annum.